Coastal Bend Center for Independent Living

Assist individuals with disabilities to achieve their goals

The Coastal Bend Center for Independent Living (CBCIL) is a 501(c)(3) organization. We are consumer-controlled, non-residential, non-profit and cross-disability oriented, providing core services of information and referral, advocacy, peer counseling, and independent living skills training.

We are a service organization designed specifically to assist people with cross disabilities who themselves have been successful in establishing independent lives. These people have both training and the personal experience to know exactly what is needed to live independently. In addition, they have deep commitment to assisting other people with disabilities in becoming more independent.

At least 51% of staff and Board of Directors are individuals with disabilities. Our Staff & Board reflect the ethnic make-up of the communities served within the Coastal Bend.

Mission Statement

Coastal Bend Center for Independent Living will exercise leadership by people with disabilities in promoting accessibility, equality, individual rights, and community integration for people with disabilities of all ages.


Communities in the Coastal Bend will value people with disabilities, respect diversity, achieve universal accessibility and community integration.


Disability is a natural part of life and, as such, is treated with the same respect as all other aspects of life.

Universal accessibility assures barrier-free physical environments, programs, and services.
Individuals with disabilities have the right to make choices affecting their lives, to take risks, and to experience the successes or failures that may result.