No Foolin’ Around: starting April 1st CBCIL will provide news from the field about systemic advocacy efforts by consumers and staff, whether by ourselves or partnering with allies and other advocacy organizations.

With the release of a new administration’s federal budget that will severely cut essential programs, there is a great deal of uncertainty about the security of publicly funded services and supports, resulting in more barriers to community living and quality of life for individuals with disabilities of all ages. Just when we thought we had made progress! Whether the issue is healthcare coverage, the proposed changes to Medicaid and Medicare, the crisis in affordable and accessible housing, or the barriers to accessing public transportation, CBCIL will report and seek to rally those affected by damaging politics and bad policy decisions to help you make change happen!

So: what do you want to see in this space? What issues hit you the hardest, make you crazy with frustration about the barriers you face trying to live independently? What are you interested in supporting to make a difference in your world and the lives of your peers?

What’s important to you is important to us as we provide Advocacy in Action! on our website.

For further information, contact Judy Telge